Skills Required to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Skills Required to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

These are non-negotiables. If you struggle in any of these areas, your ability to build a business will be seriously challenged. Of course, some entrepreneurs and long-time business owners are better at some of these points and build a team to close in on the other areas that are necessary for a successful business. For instance, if you’re not good at training staff, you can hire that out if your budget allows. But some things can never be outsourced. If your’e unable to make friends or even deal with failure, you’ll only be in business for a short time. What areas do you need to work on?


  • Ability to manage money.
  • Ability to raise money.
  • Ability to relieve stress.
  • Ability to be productive.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to make friends
  • Ability to identify strengths & weaknesses.
  • Ability to hire and train staff.
  • Ability to manage staff.
  • Ability to do digital marketing.
  • Ability to connect via social marketing.
  • Ability to focus on your customers.
  • Ability to close a sale.
  • Ability to spot new trends.
  • Ability to deal with failure.
  • Desire to improve your world.
5 Great Ways to Capture Email Leads & Boost Your Business

5 Great Ways to Capture Email Leads & Boost Your Business

If you’re just getting started in email marketing or considering taking the leap, you may be wondering about what it takes to grow your email list. How do you get people to sign up to receive your emails? It’s not terribly difficult.

Here are some great ways—online and off—to capture email leads and continue to generate awareness of your products and services. Its certainly not an exhaustive list, but these are the key ways to stay connected to the people who are already interested in what you do!

  1. Website and social media sign-up forms. After setting up an email marketing account, there is code that can be generated to place on your website. Visitors to your site will fill out the form and, like magic, they are now a member of your list! Facebook also has sign up form integration capabilities for your business page, so make sure you take advantage of these digital means of gathering leads.
  2. Special events. Photobooths aren’t just for weddings anymore! Corporate events, conferences, and special storefront events are great opportunities to hire social media savvy photobooths. Your customers will want to get in on the action with your business’ fancy filter and share their pictures in social media. But first, you can capture their email address and cell phone number where the image is sent. You get their contact info for a longer-term marketing strategy and in the short term, they become an influencer for your business on their social media page. Learn more about this strategy from Midwest Selfies.
  3. Point of Sale. At some point during the check-out process, just ask! Utilize a POS system that allows you to gather information about your customers and enter their email address right there—with their permission. This will increase your ability to promote your future sales and events. If your POS system doesn’t accommodate the gathering of that information, simply ask and have a growing list you can enter in to your email marketing platform later. This can also be an aspect of your online shopping cart check-out process.
  4. Contests. People love FREE and will almost always give you an email address for a chance to win something. Have a fishbowl for business cards or sign up slips and once a month plan some sort of give-away. In the meantime, you’re growing your list and increasing sales! The old saying that you have to spend money to make money is true, but you don’t always have to spend much to see a return on your investment.
  5. Special offers. Do your customers want to get 20% off in the store or online? Special offers to anyone who provides an email address is a strategic way to gather more leaders. Not only do people love a good sale, but their willingness to spend money makes them a lot lead and a valuable member of your email list. You can utilize this method with free downloads on your website as well.

Email capture is worth the effort because it keeps you in front of the people who are already interested in what you do. Don’t neglect the opportunities to connect with people who have already made purchases or have sought information. You’re on their radar, so don’t let them forget about you!

6 Tips for Converting Social Followers to Customers

6 Tips for Converting Social Followers to Customers

It’s great knowing you have thousands of people following your Facebook business page. But are they translating to sales? If you’re not converting your followers to customers, here are a few tips to help you benefit from your presence on social media channels.

1 – Know your target audience. The shotgun approach helps you to connect with a few people most of the time, but if your target audience is women between the ages of 20 and 45, it doesn’t help you if your marketing appeals more to men between 40 and 60. Knowing who you want to reach will determine your messaging.

How to Use Hashtag Marketing to Increase Visibility

How to Use Hashtag Marketing to Increase Visibility

By now anyone with an Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account or on any other social media channel has seen someone use a hashtag. Often hashtags are used to participate in a trending topic such as a political debate on Twitter (#electionresults2018) or on Instagram to to categorize your images so that they are discoverable by people with similar interests (#weightloss). On Facebook, the use of hashtags is being utilized by businesses to promote their brand (#pepsisweepstakes) or by individuals promoting a cause (#curecancer) or something just ridiculously funny (#vegancat). You’ll often see hashtags with a tone of sarcasm, because who doesn’t want to make a point about something insane on the internet? (#thestruggleisreal).

As a marketing tool, hashtags can either be your be a great opportunity…or just a waste of time. Hashtags are intended to do one of 2 things: 1) drive people to your content and brand, or 2) call people to action (which ultimately drives people to your content and brand).

New Year’s Resolutions for Business Owners

New Year’s Resolutions for Business Owners

New Year’s resolutions have become a way of life for Americans. Each year we set some goals and hope we keep some — if not all of them. But like any form of goal setting, what we demand of ourselves needs to be achievable. Resolutions can be challenging — which is why so many of us break them! — but shouldn’t be impossible to see become reality.

The same is true for business owners. While every business plan needs to include achievable goals, some of these goals need to stretch you a bit outside of what is comfortable. Success in any business demands effort and changing or improving the results of your work may mean doing something a bit different.